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Rambut Siwi Temple

Oleh : denpasarheritage | 07 Agustus 2016 | Dibaca : 285 Pengunjung

Location of this Temple is in North Tatasan village, Tonja, North Denpasar. It is exactly located at coordinates 08 38.584" south latitude and 115 13.696" east longitudes and 56 meters above sea level. This Temple is about 500 meters to the north from Maospahit Temple and to the east from the public hall of North Tatasan village through the Seruni Street. This Temple has two courtyards, namely inner courtyard (jeroan) and outer courtyard (jabaan). Characteristics of this Temple: it belongs to a family and is considered as Swagina Temple and it becomes a responsibility of one family and even 5 families will go to worship in this Temple while a ceremony is conducted.

Archeological remains found at this Temple are placed in Inner courtyard, as follows:

- Candi (Prasada), it is located in the center of the Temple courtyard and it faces west. This Temple was made of bricks and it is thin like a pyramid terraced building. The size of the rectangle Temple is 2,14m x 1,14 m and 7,69m high. This Temple consists of foot, body, and roof part. The dominant ornament of this Temple is kala (devil) head set on the right and left side of the gate. There is a relief of Surya Candra with Majapahit ornament above the gate. Pattern and style of the Temple seems like pattern of Candi in East Java. Thus, this Temple is thought to derive from Majapahit age in about 14th- 15th century.

- Fragment terakota statue, it consists of body head, and hand parts. Some are saved in prasada and others are found in the Temple courtyard. Seen from the characteristics of the head of the statue, this statue is the same as ones found in Maospahit Temple in Gerenceng (Suaka, 1998/1999:4).

Oleh : denpasarheritage | 07 Agustus 2016 | Dibaca : 285 Pengunjung

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